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looking at Venus... morning and night

"that crazy bird lady"

Lillitu Shahar Kunning
I am a mama, a Feri student (Currently of Cholla soledad, formerly of Thorn Coyle and Hilary Geller. I was Empowered in Sept 08.), animal lover (mostly parrots, but I love dogs, cats, reptiles, and rabbits too!), student of theology (multi-religious) and herbalism (medicinal and magical), and lover of live culture and performance (I would much rather see live music or spoken word than go see a movie).

I like food (oh yes I do!), birds (especially parrots, but I also dig crows, ravens, peacocks, owls, hawks, and sparrows), reading (both quirky fiction and non-fiction), and learning (next stop: Doyra lessons and Qi Gung!).

I live in a budding Feri group home that hosts community gatherings and sabbats called Casa Vesperus. We hope to expand in the coming years.

How about you?